A Year of Healing (Ode to 2012)

A year of healing and of grace

Of reconstructing a new face

And seeing color after years

Of grey scale muted by my tears


And who'd have thought life would allow

A useless being to heal somehow?

My lifeless form drifted each day

& at night: become it's own prey.


Empty, jagged and freezing cold

Still breathing but decay and mold

lined each and every bone inside

made me forget I've not yet died.


The clock struck 12 and panic flew

When those who didn't need to knew

that madness occupied my brain

by a skeleton that kept me chained


With resistance it began

I didn't like what they had planned

To rid me of my one true friend

& leave me all alone again


But underneath my molded skin

I knew that I could never win

manipulating for the rest

with my desire to be the best


I was sad to see her go.

Though she clung, I told her not

There was no room in here for two

& I frankly had enough of blue


I've taken up this year in healing

Only left with one sad feeling

Of all the years that I had wasted

What sort of things had I not tasted?


Well, now the force is rising, burning

I'm taking in this world that's turning

No longer holding back in fear...

Don't look now, cause I am here.


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