The year is almost done

Fri, 01/01/2016 - 00:08 -- jerlee

11 pm, where do I begin

The year is almost done

As much as I prefer not to remember

I found myself dreaming for the last hour of the year

I realize, it’s been a crazy year

In a blink of an eye

I have made the most I have regret

Because I promise there will be a tomorrow

Spring came by to say goodbye not in June but in May

Hotheaded I am Summer became a heatwave of madness

Only then, Fall will lay a bed of flower for me to walk and weep my sorrow away

For now, Winter stare at me with cold eye’s, stealing my heart away once again

Every breath I breathe, they steal a piece from me

It may hurt, but only words on paper can bleed

With the sound of clock ticking away

It’s now time to say goodbye not to me but to you my dream

If I wake up from this dreadful dream in a new year

May I finally find what you meant by, happiness is the best gift to give to someone

Thus, conclude another year of poetry, thank you


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