Year 2016

Ive been through so much in 2016. When it first started everything seemed fine until, May.

After May, I seen my whole world start to fade. 

Constant thoughts of dying, constant fights and arguing. All I wanted was escape

Worries about Presidency, worries about loving who I love. 

Everything ran through my mind like a track star.

They say everything happens for a reason. But I dont understand these reasons

Why did I have to lose 3 loved ones. Feburary, May, July. Back to Back. 

How was I supposed to deal with all this. Eventually I got mysef together, and then through the weather I seen sunlight,

As quick as that sun came it soon faded. 

Senior Year !

They told me this would be the easiest year the best year

Money doesnt grow on trees so how do you expect me to pay for all these fees.

Everybody saying focus you got this, how when Im stressed and there is no one to talk to about this.

Wanting to run away from it all, happiness came again once I got into my dream school.

Senior Year!

Bitter sweet feeling, how am I going to leave the place that Ive been through so much in

How am I going to leave my baby sisters that look up to me.

Trying to balance everything at once isnt always easy, 

Im just praying to God that he gets me through all of this completely.


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