Wthin me

Call me crazy cause I threaten too much 

But baby those are just my warnings 

Like yellow police tape wrapped around my tongue

Its just a precaution 

Call me crazy cause I think about them 

The ones that made me feel raw inside and out 

My expired memories keep renewing 

Someone please please break this ongoing DVD

Call me crazy cause i open my arm with no reasons being 

The red river is what I missed 

Though Id perfer to see other colours 

Call me crazy cause I would rather look death in the eye then have life as a best friend 

Call me crazy cause I let pass loves consume me 

Its almost like i cant get enough 

My imagination feeds me what Im looking for 

There like friendly monsters that take me away for getaway weekends 

I check in with my luggage 

Bandades and the usual 

"What are you doing with those"?

Hunny im covering this black and white crime scene


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