Writings on the Wall

I am more than a name,More than a chair's cold frame,More than the bucket meant to catch whatever you can throw,More than the value you care to bestow, Upon me; as you teach "all the world's a stage,"And yet you trap this star within the margins of a page,Tear your hair out, as you try to show me how to find x using b,Never realizing the lessons of the past don't apply to me,Weighing me down with labels:"lazy, Special Ed, needs to try harder,"What accuracy is there, when you dont even bother,To listen, as I attempt to wipe society's prejudice from your mind,Show you that intelligence and creativity cannot be defined, To show you that I am more than a number written in ink on leaf, I am capable of great things, despite popular disbelief,I am not a problem that will eventually fade,The mistake is your approach, not the way I was made,Scorning me when I cant find an explanation that can fit,And yet you're the first to preach "nobodys perfect,"Cast me off as a poor soul, whos forced to suffer a life of tragedy,Never knowing thats the life you wrote out for me,I am not "sick," "infected," or "someone who can derange,"You say I'm the problem, yet you're the one who needs to change,So Teacher,Before you feed me to the beasts life imposes,Before you subject me to the failures curriculum predisposes,Before you finally lock the door that closes,Remember my pleading call,For you to understand the hardships that would befall,Remember my attempts to forestall,Next time you erase the writings on the wall.....

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