Writing Calendars

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 11:19 -- BLAZY

Familiarity boils over

 in a pot that can’t contain

A search for four leaf clovers,

nothing can ever be the same

And as we’re moving through the obstacles

We built for ourselves

We don’t have any of the answers

So I grab my pen and swell


I’ve been writing calendars all morning

And this afternoon feels right

To mark down the characters I know I am

Or at least write down tonight


Willfully deceive myself

With a future history lesson

Powered by unhelpful doubt

But it prevents me from guessing

Is it pure simulacra?

Is vintage all brand new?

Tripping on another flashback

It’s all that I can do


I’ve been writing calendars all morning

Deciphering the twins

Born of my reality

Kept in

Are the dates have inscribed


And if I drop this tool

I won’t have a thing to feed

It seems that I’m my own fool

But it’s something I still need

Writing calendars

Moving at great speeds

It seems that I might go too far

But it makes for a good read


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