A Writer's Manifestation

I wrote about you before I met you.

I wrote about your dark skin and your fustrating hair

I wrote about the way you dance alone before you shower

And the way you observe the choreography created by your favorite musicians,

I wrote about the firmness of you body, the curves and the beauty marks.

I wrote about the way your voice sounds when you talk about

One of your odd but unique obsessions,

I wrote about the way kindness spills off your tongue

The way you care for others and the way you care for me,

I wrote about your heartbreak and the experience you've accumulated

From past relationships,

I wrote about your appreciation for the arts

Your curiosity

Your academic and emotional intelligence,

I wrote about the way you look at me

When I am emersed in one of my daily activities,

I wrote about your angelically seductive voice

That makes my heart melt,

I wrote about the way you love and care for me unconditionally and fully,

I wrote about my future bestfriend, lover and partner before I even met her.

Now when I try to write about another future besfriend, lover and partner

I can't help but write about you.


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