Writer's Block


United States
43° 11' 14.0424" N, 83° 13' 45.0696" W

(poems go here) Hey, I'm sitting here with the block of a writer
Smoking my fags down to the filter
It looks like it's gonna be another sleepless night
Living in the shadows, can't seem to find a light

Carefree and young, no place to call home
In a room full of people, but I still feel alone
The world spins slow, but the sun sets quick
Time stops moving, but the clock still ticks

Look at you and look at me
Is this the way that we're supposed to be?
I'm strugglin' to pull this disquise up
Are we truly free, or are we tied up?

Bound by society, what's wrong and right
Stuck in time, in day and night
Trying to learn love in a world full of hate
But who needs love when you can masturbate?

Here on Earth, it's about owning things
But everything I've got, I feel is owning me
It's hard to laugh when you really wanna cry
Even harder to live when the world wants you to die

Broke as hell, but I still got me
I don't have rhythm, but I still have a beat
Life can be crappy, but you get what you get
If there's anything I've learned, it's forgive and forget.



Something I wrote about life.

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