Writers Block 2

After the first time

Everything has changed

Maybe the second time is the charm

Maybe words can fly into my mind

But silence and borders keeps your mind quiet

And erasers are wasted like time


People mistake money for an additon of power

And reading only for English class

But to understand why you can't get over your walls

You have to find hard evidence

Look at the walls and look at the floor

Admire the world because it's colorful

Enjoy peace enjoy life enjoy madness and enjoy pain

Before you lose everything again and again


"Writers block is a state of mind!!"

Is the only thing that goes through your mind

Every piece of criticism

Every piece of hate

Pulls the madness in like fish to bait

The mind is a delicate tool

Not a worldwide community pool

Your decisions help push you up from below

And help you up the wall

One border down and three more to go


This poem is about: 
Our world


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