i am deep in a forest; 


my vision blurs with tears,

my legs buckle and I crawl

hands and knees, 

through mud and thickets,

my skin shredded by thorns,

sweat running down my back.

i am terrified.



i come to a clearing,

a battleground. 

where my demons lie in wait.

i am panting heavily, 

hands shaking as i stand 

and i draw my sword. 

my enemies are many, but i

am armed. and i prepare

for the fight of my life. 



they come at me from 

every direction. 

it is chaos.

my sword becomes heavy,

my arms ache and 

the blood drips and stains.

but i keep fighting, my

sword cutting down

every monster in its path.



i battle my demons

until the last of them falls, 

my heart slows

and i catch my breath.

i have fought the fight and

i have won.

i drop my sword, 

i am safe. 



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