Wretched Places


My house
6357 Seastone Way
United States

when i think of a place full of dark demeanor sequences
I do not quite understand the aching I had developed

With having your physical body within this atmosphere
It's sort of missing your life opportunity to finally open the chest of solidified treasure

Only to find out there is a missing piece,
I decided to go deeper inside a void only to find disgusting memories of a devilish sculpture

Wait a minute, this devil looks like me!!
Am I the problem within this 'Equation'? Did I, myself, blow up such jesture to bring the roaring power of an outcast man pointing fingers at each flaw he has yet described or changed?

Convinced of the melody that caused me to switch the trail that has not showed me any effort
I had a few words with Big G
And the ranting didn't go as I supposed

Figured of hoping, pressing the button would reset everything from the same level.... apparently to my knowledge it doesn't work like that

These fists that are called "DESTRUCTION", Are not as strong as this -Mouth that's called "JUSTICE"

I guess I was living a self-desired dream that no one ever woke me up to the unconditionality beauty of reality

That in which brought me down to my knees as the little knives were coming down like rain drops; creating scars that made me look at what the creature was in disguise
If you ever feel like these wretched places are breaking you down and making you think that you're the prince/princess of rage.... Take a step back and look at what needs to be healed and fix in order to tell another story"

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Our world
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