wrestle with the thought of good

Inspiration, motivation, football, wrestling, track, ideas that pop up in your head when you hear my name

Life was always bad to me

When I was younger the only motivation I had was rejection

Rejection by my male peers to play in football games because, I wasn’t good enough

Rejection by my female crushes because I wasn’t the body type that attracted them

Rejection by my teachers because I was always the class clown

All these things never held me down,

You see,  Instead they sprung me up to create something great,

I was the bad apple on the tree that hit newton on his head

When I hit high school things changed

 I lost weight, gained muscle and modified my origin of motivation

I no longer derived my motivation from rejection but from greatness and self-worth

The same people who rejected me during football games are the same one who ask me for workout/football tips

The same girls who rejected me because of my weight came back into my life calling me cute

But wait hold up pause mute

You see life is like a cloud in the sky, when it’s up so high all the water droplets are together ,

but as soon as the cloud descends the water droplets fall in the form of rain and all go off their separate ways

 I feel good when I’m wrestle

I feel good when I lift

Life was never happening to me it was always happening for me

In the end to finally feel good








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