Wrath and the Death of Everything

The fall is more than you can imagine

The twisted sounds of the poet's words

Creates a fury deep down

That cuts more than the sharpest of swords.


I never wished for this.

I never wanted the horns of the bulls

But the righteousness inside of us

Makes nothing but wicked fools.


Everything I touch breaks

In my world that is full of only pain.

My battered soul covered in wounds of war

Cries for something I know I'll never gain.


I dressed all in black

Because I wanted people to see in me their fears

Of all that they could not understand

And I never let them notice my tears.


I watched as my world turned red

And died in the midst of wickedness.

I fougt with everything I had

But still it all became meaningless.


All I knew was malevolence

And so I pulled the trigger.

My life became consumed by thorns

And that does nothing for the figure.


I took pride in destroying others

In my emotion's jealous flood

And now I float forever

In this river of boiling blood.

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