Wraped around life


Wrapped around my neck, trying to breath *gasps* for air as i hold on to my neck to check and as im checking my pulse to make sure im still breathing, how am i still breathing? What just happend, was the struggle coming from somewhere deepened within my soul, pain releasing, taking baby steps as i am released back into a glistening light shining down from only heaven above himself, making steps that make more sense now then they did before, before my voice was erupted and constructed into to some robotic form shape of a glass heart, slowing beginning to realize my heart has been shattered glass slowly, *catchs my breath* while i begin to relieve my shattered pieces above like making it to finally reach the door that was awaiting me, with open arms, and i start to see the growth, into a beauitful personality all coming together like it was never once shattered like from the beginning i had it all together. 

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