Wounded Healer

Mon, 01/18/2021 - 03:35 -- mIeNlFP

The wounded healer is a savor who only want to help for her sins.

The wounded healer is strong minded but we train it to be passive.

The wounded healer thinks with its heart and too sensitive when caring for others that's why she have to save herself.

The wounded healer is selfless enough to be the myter of the world if it can end her stress.

The wounded healer nickname is selfish because her ears listans but her mouth never moves unless it's about her values.

The wounded healer eyes are their to pity you but her heart is where the empathy is saved.

We think the wounded healer is useless because all their traits are worthless in our made environment.

We laugh at her tears.

We laugh at her feelings.

We laugh when she show emotion.

We laugh when she covers her face.

We laugh when shes stressed.

We laugh when she want to talk about it all.

We hate her because she never wants to say whats wrong just hold it all in.

We mocked it after it helped itself.

She is mocked because it walk around with wounds that she can't heal.

She feels to intencly that it hurts so her thoughts keep herself.

She is always safe in her head in her daydream land waiting to fly.

She helped the way we needed it, but no one could do that much for her.

The wounded healer is a dreamer who lives to fly.

Too bad we made her died.







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Our world


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