Wouldn't it be great

Wouldn't it be a great day to live in silence
Stop the shooting and free up the violence
Join together and fight for our justice instead
Wouldn't it be great to take the bullet out of a gun
And for once let the streets be something fun
Then go home before the street lights come on
Wouldn't it be great to reduce the shootings to zero
And focus on being the town's greatest hero
Create a world surrounded by peace
Wouldn't it be great to live without the fear of getting shot
And put your energy into something you love a lot
Dream big and live life full of success and happiness
Wouldn't it be great to decrease the death toll
If we can put guns downs and learn about gun control
Guns don't kill people, people kill people with them
So wouldn't it be great to stop killing once and for all
Not playing the street game on who's next to fall
Don't be a victim, don't be a killer, be the solution

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My country
Our world


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