Would You? (Sky's Dance)

Would that grace were bred in us all,

Would that man's feet sprang as lightly.

Would that my hair waved as gently,

Would that my eyes shone with such gaity.


However, not so; for

Such was not to be,

Such would not befit the likes of us all.

Such brightened only one,

Such a girl, the luckiest of  all.

Such was the dance of Sky.


A youthful dream,

Sky swayed to a melody unheard by the rest.

Sky caught the beat before the drum,

Sky outsang the best singer's hum.

Sky outshone the lights of the party.


I was not alone in noticing:

While the fearful watched in shadow, she danced,

While the brave stepped forward to join her,

While some ladies envied,

While others approved and marveled. 


Sky never ceased to dance.

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Our world
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