Worst Enemy

Lying awake at night, I start to wonder how to make it right

My thoughts take me to a place

A place I do not want to be

A place where cruel faces mock me

A place where a game

Of self-blame is often played

This game keeps me awake for hours on end,

It only ever seems to extend

I wish I could fall asleep,

Because I know it will end

As it goes,

You say you want to be like a person,

Maybe because of their clothes

Or how they act

But would you still want to, after living just one day in their mind?

Keep this as a sign

A sign in order to remind

You can never truly see what goes on in one’s mind

An individual’s mind is a closed door

And only they can allow it to open

It is understandable to not know a remedy,

I mean

How could you expect a person’s mind to be their own

Worst enemy?


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