Worse Before Better

"Be strong, work hard" is what they tell you when they cannot help you

The world is a big place but I never got a VIP pass

I will work twice as hard and struggle still more

To get half as much, if that

"You have so much potential"

But will they look past my skin color to notice it?

"You are such a nice person"

But will they look past my sexual orientation to see that?

"You work so hard"

But will they look past my socioeconomic status to see it?

Yes, it it possible to rise

I am still here, aren't I?

But what is the price? Will it cost me my life?

Today I am the face of Immigration

I am the face of Gay Pride

Today I am Inequality & Injustice

I am skin the color of caramel and scars 

I am Victim and Survivor

I have seen Sexual Harassment and Hate

I am here, and I have been here all along

Within me is the fear and the strength to persevere

To look past the police uniform even as I am unjustly profiled and questioned

To look past the bigotry even as I am tased and peppersprayed

To look past the hate as I am beaten and killed

Within me is the strength to see Love despite my bruises

Within me is the resilience to see Hope despite the years


So I ask you here, today

Is it within you to see the crimes against humanity? Is it within you to stand with the people that are not like you but suffer at the hands of people like you and not like you? Is it within you to stand up straighter even as others bring you down?

Will you fight alongside me for Hope, Love, Justice, and Peace?

Poetry is my fight song, is it yours?




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