World Wide Revolution

its a world hidden behind

the appearance of intertwind

shinanigans and crime

i aplogize i didnt mean to rhyme


see its not just fun and games

to get their names 

in stickers, stencils, and paint

on vacant walls once quaint


its a world flourishing 

with intent on nourishing

the publics mind on 

a society gone wrong


what do you think?

its the koolaid you drink

that these philosphers sins

deserve years in county prisons


i will say the graff world is violent

but thats never the prime intent

but the governement is scramlbing

they wont take the chance on gambling


a few punk teenagers to slip

through the systems grip

so they lock up the youth 

to keep hidden the truth


becuse writers tag to imform

society to never conform

to the lies corportions tell

as to hold their black magic spell


for a second look around you

do you see that the skies blue?

there the lawn is of green grass

and every morning you wipe your ass


do you see the pain spreading

in the youth who are dreading

the thought of no cosmetics

or to even try at mathematics?


they believe the brutal lie

that, by them selves, they shouldnt even try

to be pretty, bold, or smart

without corporate america playing a part


the point of street art is simple

its to pop the corporate pimple

violating human natures face 

its to rise up and take our place


as beautiful humans deserving of freedom,

love, power, and unadultured wisdom

street art is a world wide revoltion 

to rid the atmosphere of soul diriving pollution





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