A World of Unfortunate Souls

“Once Upon a Time...”

I could give you many dimes for how often I’ve heard this line.

The words once heard are petty deceptions for bedtime.

Believe me when I say they are no cloud nine.

How often do you hear that someone never dies?

Well let’s just say, they are full of lies.


This is a world full of crime,

Where princes are stupid,

And Princesses can handle their own climb.

They are not weak and vulnerable tulips.

They wield their own sword.

And know not to love men who are self-absorbed.


Remember the boy who never grows old?

Or the little man with an unknown name?

Lets just say one is very cold,

Give you a hint! It isn’t the one whose name is lame.

You must think I’m lying, how could it be so demented?

Sadly I’m not, your all under their spell.

All of it is invented.


Pinocchio never became a boy,

Cinderella lost her glass slippers.

Belle never found joy.

And Ariel still has her flippers.

It is sad to say that the genie never came,

And Hansel and Gretel said “Hello,” to the flames.


Maybe I should stop now,

Drop the mic and take a bow.

But I have gone too far,

Not even I can wish upon a star.

For dreams aren’t always what they seem,

They are way more than extreme.


It’s all in your head,

Everything has been misread.

Go back home to reality,

Where there is no such thing as a mermaid in the sea.

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