As the world turns, I stay stationary

Rest easy young one

Rest easy soldier


They try to appease with money oil and greed

But in order to succeed

You don’t need faith effort or belief


I guess paper trails are what prevail

In a nation run by politicians who belong in jail

And I could never understand the value of power

If only peace grew flowers and belief silenced the gun that said stop louder


Children are getting indictments

American youth is now an asylum

And im not running from a place where hard work triumphs over violence


I say my silence loudly

The left does not say it proudly 

The right exudes ego fouly


I hope my words touch you

Unlike the boy whose father didn’t stay true


We live in a world where it's run by likes and comments

Which cause defiance 

And then there's riots 

Streets littered with violence

And people doing time for a plant that causes eyes to brighten


Constant coverage of the latest story

Death murder and rape, the narrative is written for me

I am the writer, the pen holder

Knighted from shoulder to shoulder

Without honor, yet vengeance makes me bolder 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

And mirrors do tell lies but people speak great wonders

Of the thing we call life, standing with my brothers.

Standing with the fallen victims of one hatred towards another


And my mother questions why I want to end my life

But this thing called life is too hard of a strife

With college and debt attacking my type

I write to chase that paper trail 

That so many people would kill for, only time will tell


I love you mom

And I love you too dad

And I don't mean to make you sad 


But all I see are patterns

And this slowly dimmens the laughter


I hope my words reach you like the river

Slithering as to not disturb the late winners


So called war heros fighting for freedom

But there's no price tag, so we leave em


Im horrified at the thought of suicide 

But is it my responsibility (or right)  to take my own life

And i just might


If the walls get too close 

I'm gonna grab that rope

And tie it around my neck so hard that I choke


Until my last breath leaves me and along to hell I see thee

Just remember my words, and I hope you believe me 

This thing called life is a bad dream on repeat.

God gave me life, but now he wants to leaves me


Please just know that I am not serious

Because I am a youth and I am delirious

As my problems do not matter under the chatter of constant reminders of blind leaders and false ride or dyers


Gang violence grabbing would be children

Signing them contracts to give them something to live in 

These are the future so called late soldiers who are winning 

But victory does not exclude death

And every step with every breath

Should be taken as scarce 

And you know the rest

Lest let it decompress

For the world has seen this many times

Yet we do not learn from each others crimes


Because we are the world

We want the power we want the greed

We want that paper trail's seed


So don’t act surprised when we tell you false lies

About the world and how we will end before time.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I'm speechless. This writing is beautiful, it hits hard and it preaches truth, 

yet notes of love. I can't praise you and this piece enough, this is truly inspiring.

Keep up the good work!

- Kaz

Amber Mahogany

I have to agree. This is one of the best prices I have ever read. Thank you. You've helped me so much with just these words

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