The World Ender

Fri, 11/18/2016 - 12:48 -- adrian9

The world’s ender is a great pretender, Stocks are its trade when money’s to be made, Rewards spent on vices trigger a family crisis, Losses wasted in fear, you hope to disappear, Fluid yet stable, brings bread to the table, But is profit in paper all you have here?   The world’s ender is a great pretender, Innovation is its marvelous creation, Styled in a dress designed by progress, Tasted by the masses devouring its facets, Swallowing them whole, never completely full, Can you cultivate true value from your assets?   The world’s ender is a great pretender, Seduction is its devious function, Embroidered in gold to guarantee you’re sold, Deadly dastard liquid rots the roots of rigor’s best, Consummating a crave, awake feeling scathed, Are you satisfied with your empty nest?   The world’s ender is a great pretender, Exposed when it’s disposed to be closed, Bites and gnashes because time clashes, Against the Word that yearns to be heard, Open your eyes, he is your demise, But follow Me and I give you life assured.

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My country
Our world


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