The World Is Changing

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 20:55 -- BeMore

With a push and a shove, the ripple and splash

Being ripped from the womb like ‘Blast from the Past’

That split second I’m flying oh-so-high

But more of a fly than a bird soaring the sky

Now for the Skyfall before I’m plunged down under

Noises reverberating, enhancing waves that roar thunder

And it’s cold, lung compressing cold

Like the bone chill frozen ice ages of old

Winter is coming Mr. Wayne

Not even Morgan Freeman can save your pain

Work harder train harder get more fit

Every drop of literal blood sweat and tears is worth it

It’s time to man up and set up and get up to the plate

Escape from my past move forward like Mr. Bates

Here’s my get out of Jail free, found it on WikiLeaks

This world is changing and I’m tired of being weak.


Weak is what I was, but I never was what I am now

More powerful using power inside I’m glad I found

Release the stress forget the present and past

Focus on the future, trying hard not to go so fast

It’s my last year in high school, I’m no Benjamin Button

If I blink its bye school now that’s really quite something

No longer the low man on the Totem pole

Hanging with my friends we all drink from the same bowl

Blood sister we watch out for each other’s backs

To make sure we keep on following the right tracks

We only have a little longer.


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