the world and the way it works

forced and false 

fake will fall 

you must be real 

to withstand at all 

because smiles won't get you through hard times 

but peace and prayer through this upward climb 

stand in line 

we don't want dreamers,schemers 

open hearted believers 

they want liers,fires chaos and madness 

bathed in sadnesss 

all I know has turned rabid

in a manner much too rapid 

for me to keep up with 

what are you doing kid?

so instead I just sit 

waiting to be hit 

with the full reality 

 the merciless brutality,

of what we used to be 

this new nationality 

with no morality

don't belong in any of these 

doomed to our own finality 

which was fatality 

cause we have mortality 

thought we were immortal, well maybe

but not in this reality 

we thought too irrationaly 

while others sought with frugality 

wasting nothing, 

while we acted like royalty 

treated each other poorly

but why? why did we do this?

we dragged each other so far through the mud 

that neither of us were clean 

still why? I ask, I do not understand 

why did we fall for the demons plans?

when all we had to do was take each others hands 

to walk together through this unforgiving land 

to talk to each other without hatful demands 

where we do not rule, instead let God command 

to look at each other and let our hearts expand 

because we are more than the labels and brands 

that we put there without love, kindness or respect 

we hope of more than ourselves we wrecked 

because nowadays everyone's messed up in the head 

but what was the point? dunno what did you expect ?

we all try to perfect what was  born with a defect 

and because no one has perfection we neglect 

and more mistakes are made with no regret 

but look in a mirror and reflect 

we are just as bad as those who interject 

we are all incorrect 

so stop fighting over a flawless object

with so many flaws we should all reinspect 

ourselves not our neighbors we inject

with bad thoughts though it's indirect 

"we can't be blamed, it was them" 

well, it wasn't us, though we need to mend 

all the broken seams we must hem 

all those people we wrongfully condemned 

to crack the diamond and break the gem 

cause we really thought we were better than them







This poem is about: 
Our world



please comment. if you care at all

if this stupid poem of mine meant 

anything to you, even if it made you

angery. anything at all would be nice

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