Work It On Out

Patience is something I seem to be lacking and it's about time I tried to gain some,
When things take too long I immediately become irritated and show how upset it makes me,
Good things come when I wait on it, I even see better results after being prayerful,
Rushed outcomes are not the most favorable nor do the help you achieve a lifelong dream,
I have to remember that I only control a portion of my destiny, the rest is in God's hands,
The same hands that created everything on the face of this Earth, yet many are ungrateful,
Not me, I refuse to live without experiencing a piece of his greatness,
There are two parts to the equation of life: work hard and reap the benefits, 
I need to get right and stay on track, only stability and humility will support me moving forward, 
No reason to worry because I am trying to overcome this great hardship yet God already has a plan to work it on out.


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