Work (to become your best self)

Don't stay around waiting for someone to tell you when it's your turn

You want it?

Get it.

There is no valid reason to why you can’t obtain everything you’ve ever wanted

Everyday you can look and find people who overcame the odds.

Why can’t that be you?

People will talk

They will scream at you to stop

They will try to crawl under your skin telling you,

You aren’t enough

You will never make it

You should give up while you can

Maybe they're right

Maybe you are weak

Maybe you won't make it

Maybe you are the absolute worst in the world

But wouldn’t you at least want to try?

Instead of just admitting defeat right on the spot?

Champions are not in it for glory

They aren’t there to show everyone “how it's done”

They are the ones who even after practice is done is running sprints

They are the ones who don't complain when they come to a hard task

They are the ones who no matter what people say

What odds are stacked against them

What the predicament is  

Get out there and give every ounce of themselves out there

They don't accept failure as a reputation

They go against odds to become the odds  

Because no matter what is against you

or the mountains that are in front of you to climb

You can become the champion


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