To the words in my head

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 09:04 -- toki11

From that baby to this lady

There’s so much that change,

From that day to this day

Can I make a change?

So many choices that lies in my hands

Tell me what should I choose?


Growing up, growing up 

It’s not the problem

My heart grows always

But I cannot find it

So tell me what should I do?

I will pick the best for me and you.


Never care much about growing up

They say it’s just a normal thing

Now that I am growing up

It’s confusing somehow

Now I’m doubting

So I still don’t know everything?


This is how it feels

It's like stepping into the light for the first time 

I’m afraid and alone

But then you’re always here

In my head,



Growing up, growing up

I know that it’s not the problem

Your heart grows always

But you keep saying you can’t find it

So let me tell you what you should do

Just grow up and be you.


To that I’m always grateful.

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