Words In My Head.

I got a word in my head

It makes sense if I perform it,

When performing it, I become it,

As I become it, no one will know who I am,

Then I will only be called the word.

I got another word in my head,

If I act it out, I will be considered strange,

A bit stranger than the last word performed,

Then eyes will follow like shadows,

Grasped closely to me, which I cannot walk without their hold.

Loneliness becomes desired within the crowd of eyes and faces.

If I show the other words in my head,

I will be an outcast to most those I am surrounded by,

I will be carried out the room, shackled head to ankles,

I will be buried by shame that society has gazed upon me,

I will be surrendered to the abyss of the other outspoken minds that all have rejected,

I only wanted to share with them the words in my head.  
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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