The Words of A Misanthrope (My Escape)


My thoughts, my words, my fury

They are my release, my security

My deepest fears, my darkest secrets

My writings are ME.


I put my thought into my pen

Then from my pen to my paper

Because I can't contain the hate

The hate that boils through me.


The hate caused by the miserable

Pathetic excuse for a "society"

We are forced to suffer through

Populated by scum, 

Filth known as "humans"


We bow our heads, we fold our hands

We pray and beg, begging God

"God, Allah, please fix this or that for me"

While our planet rots beneath us


We are killing our planet

Killing each other in droves

Over differences in religion

Because we think ourselves



What gives us the AUDACITY

To believe we are above anyone else?

In the end, nothing will matter

Not creed, nor gender, nor race, nor class

We are all equal in the final extermination


The human condition

The drive to hold superiority 

Will be our ultimate downfall

This race will perish


Living day by day, week by week

Only concerned with money or

Material possessions, physical things

Things that won't matter when we die




Do you think God,

whether he be Jesus, Allah

Or an unknown entity

Is PLEASED with what we have become?


Are you foolish enough to believe

That he is HAPPY

With the fucking disgrace

His creation has become?


The death of humanity

Will be the greatest thing 

To happen to the world

The death of the ultimate abomination


These thoughts that escape my mind

That enter this eternal page

These thoughts are why I write

Because writing is my escape


Writing is my release

My only hope

Writing puts me at peace

Writing makes me happy

In a world full of misery


Outside these walls of paper

Only suffering lies, only pain exists

So I bury myself beneath these pages

And block out the pain. 


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