The Words I Cannot Speak

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 09:36 -- ChyChy


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Sometimes when I feel lost, alone and hurt
I write the words I cannot speak
When I force myself to shut up
And censor my true feelings
I scribe the things I dare not say
When I'm sad and no one wants to listen
While they pretend they do not care, like I'm not there
When I feel I'm about to go insane
I write because it eases the strain
My life is made simple in the words I write
The pain transfers onto the paper
I can't explain why it helps, why I do it
But I know that I'll never stop

When i'm alone, by myself
I write the words I cannot speak
When people criticize the way I live,
The friends I make, even the classes I take
And my emotions start to boil over
I put pencil to paper
When all else fails and I'm down for the count
As hope disappears, and I'm on my knees
When all else fails, I have my safety valve
Once I write down how I feel
The world begins to make sense

Sometimes, when I hurt and cannot speak the words;
I let the paper speak for me.
I write the words I cannot speak
Let my lines talk for me
In verses that rhyme and sometimes don't
In ways that others can't understand
When people hurt me, and no one's around
I start to feel better when I write the words down
As I work and struggle to make ends meet
I walk this road with my own two feet
I try and I try, but I guess I never will
Let the emotions out in words, instead of using the quill
So for now, and for always
I write the words I cannot speak


Shaynah Woody

Very moving. I feel the same way about poetry. Check out the poem of why I write. I think you'd be able to relate :)

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