Words Can Heal

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 12:29 -- Hanlod



I may not understand

Your words may not speak clear to me

But the passion you are feeling


I feel too


The words you speak

Written on the page

Memorized now


Reduce me to tears


I feel each ache

You feel

I hear each scream

You cry

I feel the love

You feel



Maybe I should try



Is this wrong?

Am I doing this wrong?

What happens next?


What do I do with all of this worry?


Should I write about it?


No, that won’t work


But I will try


I start


I am angry

At myself

At the game

I am trying to fix it

Trying to be okay

Am I trying too hard?


I finish


Weight is lifted


My shots are going in

My head is cleared


Hey, this poetry thing might actually work


I can share my thoughts



Will you feel my aches?

Will you hear my screams?

Will you feel my loves?


Or is writing them down selfish?


I can see them

I can feel them

I can heal them


It started with you

It continues with me




There is another me

Who tries it

And may not understand


But can see

Can feel


Can heal



Can change


This poem is about: 
Our world


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