Word User

There are word users 
And there are people who use words.
Word users are writers and poets 
And people who use words simply speak.
You are using your words on me inevitably 
I fall into a trap that makes me want to sit on your lap
And caress your body as if I'm lost and your body is the map.
And if any mishaps should occur that you would write to me.
I feel incredibly wrapped up in your soft voice singing, 
You are a word user the way you mumble soliloquies under your tongue when you are upset. 
You make sure I feel what you say nonetheless how hard it may be for me to listen.
When you say my name it glistens.
It's getting hard for me to act like these feelings are absent.
Hold the syllables of my name under your tongue like a weapon.
Use it as a reminder that there is love here for you if are lacking it, 
Don't get side tracked I'm just using my words describe this tactic 
Move you use to capture my attention,
It's not hard to see that you are a godsend.
But it's hard to get you to believe it.
Which words do I have to use to convince you that

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