Word, Unforgiven, They Sting


Sting like a bite,

Cut like a knife,

Cunt, bitch, slut,

But no, that’s not enough,

Fag, retard, gay,

Hearing this day after day,

Wearing us too thin,

Hearing them again and again,

Crushing us into the ground,

Weight of hatred pushing us down,

Every word a hammer to the head,

Increasing our sense of dread,

Hallways a dangerous place,

Words are slung right into our face,

Like a slap,


Only visible mark,

Tears in eyes,

No one hears the internal cries,

Try to brush it off like nothing,

Don’t let them see you’re suffering,

Try to stand tall,

And march bravely through the hall,

False sense of assurance,

Braving against hating currents,

Taking the plunge and trying to swim,

Only to drown again and again,

Words overwhelming,

Never ending,

Like rocks they pelt us,

Enough is enough,

You can wield a sword or a dove,

Speak with hatred or with love,

My decision is made, 

I beg of you to do the same,

Stop the hatred,

Spread love and kindness instead.


This poem is about: 
My community


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