A Word on Female Privilege

On female privilege:

God, we are so lucky. Don't you just LOVE it when he slaps your ass?Don't you just LOVE it when he tells you to go make him a sandwich?And don't you just LOVE it when you are put in a box,
closed up and pinned down by the roughness of his conduct,because you do not belong in his world.
A possession cannot share the same space as their possessor.
You do not see a dog sitting at the table of their master. And to the P.E. teacher who wouldn't let the girls pick up hockey goals:Thank GOD you made that decision.Don't you just LOVE it when all the women under your watch are safe and sound?
Because you wouldn't let them lift a finger!Because they would break their nail!Because the M in muscles stands for men and clearly girls aren't physically inclined.Because their hands aren't meant for lifting, they're meant for the kitchen!Because I do not belong outside,I belong in the house, Where I will tend to your dishes,Where I will wash your laundry, Where I will scrub the dirt from your lifestyle. Because that is what God intended.Women aren't independent,they are CODEPENDENT.All this female privilege: Even Eve made Adam suffer!"And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man." God, women are so lucky!Don't you just love how they are made solely to pick up the shattered pieces of life man leaves in his wake.Don't you just love the breakable essence of their nature?
How they fit perfectly in man's palms? Like an apple, like a sin.A small promise of indulgence.Like women were made for men to bite into them. God, woe is anyone who has not had the privilege of being a woman.We are SO lucky. 

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