Word Drums

Poetry makes you feel through a set of 26 differently arranged letters.

Poetry makes you understand how others and yourself think, all together.

Poetry is absent from many classes ,

even if it provides us with what literature could be for students- the chances.

Schools, specifically teachers,

have to follow procedures.

It affects us because it limits our exposure

what types of literature we read, write, and furthermore we’re comprehending slower.

Poetry gives students an example of creative expression.

Everyone around the world can write poetry and it is a universal way of communicating through words, whether a hobby or profession.

Thoughts, imagination, emotions, and anything that is conceived as a thought in our head.

It allows us to put it down on paper and proclaim it to the world like a thread.

Understanding a piece of their or our mind.

Emotional intelligence is crucial to comprehending how to feel like a being amongst mankind.

And of course it can help us analyze one of the hardest pieces of work in English and Literary environments.

Which, furthermore links a gateway to correctly breaking down other easier or harder pieces of work through our new found enlightenment.

I once took matter into my own hands to read and appreciate the unsurfaced definitions within poetry.

Poetry from old, new, young, far, close, happy or sad - they all speak without being physically vocally.

I learned to appreciate it, and even that is and understatement,

it is that cup of sound that pours when that bird sings- it is the silence of a shattering of a myocardium- it is the positive meeting of perceiving the intended message- it is an attainment.

You learn to unravel.

Very important, because you learn to look through different sociological perspectives without travel.

You learn to understand what words are providing in terms of advice, storytelling, experience, or wisdom,

Carried through a vision, heard in a rhythm.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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