The Wonderlust


United States
32° 12' 53.1072" N, 95° 12' 58.4208" W

The dream of a teen they say dont go far
But with this run down car I know that I will go far
far beyond this town and all the people
stuck, wishing they had followed their own dream.

She doesnt want to be a housewife, that is the biggest fear of hers..
To be stuck in a houe with only other people to take care of
How could I take care of a family when I can barely manage my own mind?

The wish...
the wish was simple all that she desired was to be free
To see the vast lands that others described
she bought a cheap map and marked where she already had traveled with red dots.
only 5 dots.
Oh how she needed to travel.

She didnt care that it would break her to just to buy the passaport..she didnt care
the stash of cash that she had been saving for two years would only pay for this trip
Lily would accompany her and document everyday and everything she would see.

6 continents, one home life time.
one old suitcase.
one camera
one girl


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