The Woman Teresa. (All I Need)

A Life of struggle, betrayal, pain.

The life of a man with a beating heart but no place for it.

18 Years a lost life was led until a love landed in his lap.

A gorgeous woman that defrosted a frozen heart and proceeded to break the thermostat.

With eyes blue, green and gold and everything in between that shine like the boreal lights of the northern skies.

A voice reverberating through the air consuming every particle it touches with it's serene frequency.

The slightest touch runs shivers down the spine and extinguishes all feelings of sorrow and rage.

A celestial entity faced only with the crime of stealing my love.

My heart had been shattered and tattered, taken apart by many for various reasons.

Following these instances she arrives with her undying light, healing me and replacing these missing pieces.

My Soul, My Heart, My Mind. My Bones, My Cells, Every fiber of my being all resonate with a single belief.

This woman is my Guardian Angel. And in this life or any. Her love is all I need.


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