a woman is her own man


United States
37° 40' 25.4064" N, 122° 6' 2.8332" W

she walks strong
showing no fear, no hesitation
with every breath she takes
she is closer to respect
in a world of men
a woman has no place
no rights
no freedom
but a woman fights for her rights
for her freedom
she walks with her child in one arm
and the cold heavy metal of her gun in the other
her heart is racing
the only thing in mind is her child
her love and her country
she protects her own
she is the hunter and gatherer
she is what makes the world spin
her delicate hands hold a tight grip
the recoil has no affect
with every shot she grows stronger
during the screams of death
she does not flinch
she has endured the screams of life
she has the power to destroy the world
she carrys the future in her heart
pain, family and love has driven her
the threat of death and injury do not scare her
the blood she sees is nothing like the ones she sees every month
her job is no different
her uniform just changed
from aprons to shirts and pants
she has prepared for the fight of life
trained since the beginning of time
she like all women alike are warriors
they survive the pain of life
trained to heal and care
during the worst of times she stays calm and collected
not one tear is shed
no breath is wasted
for her job is never done
no man has ever faced what women go through
women work hard to keep the family
work hard to keep the world spinning
they work hard for life
a woman is her own man


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