"There will be people who walk all over you,

they will use you and take advantage of you"

Words that my father told me at 18 before I left for college

I heard what he was saying, but I didn't understand what he meant


The year I graduated from high school

Transition from a teenager to a young adult 

My friend group changed, leaving behind the immaturity of high school antics

to early adult responsibility 

I was no longer a child

The decisions I make at 18 can effect me when Im 21 and decisions I make at 21

Can effect at 25

I knew I was no longer a child when at 21

I realized what my father meant 

People will come in an out of my life 

Some taught me lessons

Others became my friends 

People in my life are like leaves in wind

They breeze in and then breeze out





This poem is about: 
My family


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