Properly picking the perfect arrangement of diction

Of how to provide the most accurate description of woman

Purest complexity in the dissection of the word, letter for letter, one by one

And in doing so explaining the depth in each thru contemplation


W, What she is composed of…

What she knows

And how she converses in codes

The way her hips sway

And her hair thru which the wind blows

The way she upholds her positon as a Queen

Sitting upon her throne

The way she conducts herself with a man’s approach

Humbly declaring her independence

On how she got her own

The way she manages her business

At the table or on the phone

Who she has made a connect

Never burning bridges out of respect

For those having potential to level of exec.

Making her way to the top by simply using intellect

One of the many talents she happens to possess

She never forgets where she emerged from

And in daily thoughts thanks God

From whom her blessings flow


O, the attraction in the sophistication of her optimism…

Her fortitude of positivity, the brightness in her beam

Even though she’s been thru some things

Nightmares of her past thru which she now dreams

Fight harder than ever & grinds by any means

And flies higher than her competition

Soaring thru skies on golden wings

Her confidence defined as humbly supreme

She makes no time for petty things

Especially for women of ignorance

Beefing with them, she holds no tolerance, displaying her levels of diligence

Exploiting her maturity in time’s majority

But lives for moments of fun’s purity

And spontaneous occurrences of pleasuring misery

With her significant other

Whether under the sheets or no need for cover


M, the magnificence of her tactic called manipulation…

The trait known as such, descending from the nature of Eve

Her internal ability to convince any man to believe

Every word from her mouth she could possibly breathe

The ability to twist a man around her finger

According to her simplest wants & needs

It is also the mistaken messages she displays

From the simplest complexities

To the cryptic-like Da Vinci code cards she plays

To her significant other

Labeled as her “confusing ways”

An obstacle-infested challenge of a maze

Her man is the lab rat

In search of the cheese, symbolizing her happiness

With wishful thoughts of his possession

Of the ability to tenaciously overcome anything she throws his way

Basically, ultimately the dependence of him to stay

And thru thick & thin, united will they pray to Thee

Making it noticeable enough to acknowledge that she will forever love him assiduously


A, ambitiously displaying her indomitable intelligence

Transcending from her potential to obtain ultimate success

Humbly & morally ascending to the top thru the cracks of relevance

The sky is the limit

As for how high she gets, there’s no tellin’ this

Even though her vehement for the paper chase is like no other

She does let it control her life

There much more compassionate love

Especially knowing the love of God kept her so long

Thru blessings & grace

Constant reminders in her steps does she trace

The trials, tribulations & struggles that she’s paced

Now faith stronger than ever

Grind harder than better

She know she not perfect

But that doesn’t upset her

Been thru the trenches

No storm she cannot weather

Nor dare reach the caliber of her measure


N, underestimation of the complex ability to compassionately nurture

To the family begat unto her, displaying the potency of her vehement

The unlimited patience and unconditional love never changing

Conditionally mint

She is the mortar holding together the brick

The angel Heaven sent

The unselfish rapport between her & her man

Spontaneous vacation days spent

In the arms of each other

The warmest embrace, resemblance of her mother’s

Safe & secure

At this point her conscious has enabled her

To free herself to this man

Placing all of her trust in his hand

Realized that he is “the one”

And into her heart did he happen to land

The chemistry between them is simple

She is his oxygen & he is her carbon dioxide

Whenever the world is on her back

 He provides the sense of exhalation

And when life has its hands around his neck

She provides the air for him to break free & breathe

He knows she not perfect

But thru eyes perfection he perceives

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