The Wolf Was Asking For It

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs

They were female, with legs like twigs

They disobeyed the social construct

Sexism: from their lives it was plucked

The Wolf refused to accept that the future was female

which caused the pigs’ activism to unveil

“We could all have houses of brick

No more faulty hay or stick,

Only if the wage gap didn’t exist”

The Wolf started to huff and puff

His masculinity wasn’t that tough

The pigs got together and chanted in the streets

“When bigots attack – We fight back”

“Just because we have different skin

Doesn’t mean we can’t have hair on our chinny chin chin”

The Wolf didn’t let the riots stop him

His closed-mind was too grim

He wanted to blow their houses down

Every feminists’ house in town

The Big Bad Wolf  took a seven day recess

“Maybe it was just PMS”

The three pigs devised a plan

One good enough to outsmart any man

The Wolf showed up to their next rally

Where he was unexpectedly dragged into an alley

He begged and pleaded for mercy

But the pigs’ explanation brought much controversy

“Oh, but he was asking for it”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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