The Woeful Man

And it was then were in the cavern of insolence where he was kept
All that was deemed unfit and of akin to detriment on the male spectrum
As channeled into his being.
The ritual left him full of woe and without reason
He was cast out by man and shunned by the androcentric society he was raised and shaped by
All he knew was betrayal and despair at the hands of man.
Though while he saw it that man did leave him in his current state,
He did not hate man,
Neither did he wish or long for man’s downfall

No, he thought
To be better than his aggressor he would have to be the better person.
Like Matthew said,
“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”
The woeful man came to love man
But not be of them,
He in his desolation adopted who he was after the ritual,
Full of woe was not to be a detriment
But his key characteristic

Through woe he would know compassion, understanding, and love
Better than his fellow man ever did.
He saw it his new mission
To bring his new found knowledge to man and to bring love
While they brought unto him hate and deceit
But he did not see it wrong not to avenge himself on man
He forgave man and calmly became something greater
The initial woe he had transformed
To an aura of benevolence and strength man soon began to admire
The woeful man became a distinct being from man

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