Withstand the Forces

Who is there, that can understand
The thoughts of another
The forces
I wonder,
are too strong
But somewhere
You'll see whirlwinds of feeling
Emotions unsettled like
The Movement of Atoms,
Going off lying
in their sights, Crashing and reacting, but wait.
Settles in and flight not soon after,
Good bye to the products of peace, hope and laughter
Good day to the forces, our self-constructed master
It latches on like lichen to the tree, Much faster than our dreams, much stronger..
Is the beating inside our chests,
unlike the bruises on our breasts from the tests we've been taking
each hit
Aimed at breaking the beauty in our souls
Yourself. Is what it comes down to. How dare you try
To comprehend another
When you cower in your shadow, your ever silent brother
Praying to it
Like an idol
While it sits by, idle
But warmth does not come here, it is illusion
Blinding you, begging you find resolution.
Do not hide any longer in the lies which you monger
Do not bide time in the falsehood,
you are stronger
remove the handicaps born from your thoughts
Do not even glance at the sign that says
"you must be this tall"
You make yourself,
who you are is not molded by the forces of corners and walls
The box placed around you is weak and will fall
With just the right focus, your courage will call
Letting you rise to the occasion
No longer will your mind be a sight of invasion
Look, now you see the weak efforts of persuasion
From forces that once caused such painful lacerations
will now be reduced to simple abrasions
But we can brush it off in this hazardous occupation
A seldom driven road but the best destination
For reaching the end expels the air from you
in a happy sigh of relaxation
For in your new abode
You finally find
a friend whom you thought you had left behind
It is yourself, truly and purely
For surely only then can you dare to ask another, "rise with me, withstand the forces, and we can be brothers"


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