Without Knowing It All

"You're hardworking, cute and a great person." He said to me smiling

His words moved me so much I was to the point of tears.

I ponder about my past of middle school and the hell I went through.

"You're ugly, fake, you have no personality and you're a horrible friend." The groups of girls 

told me.  Those words still haunt me 7 years later as I hear him tell me something 

that I thought I never could have deserved. I opened my arms and hugged him

and he tightly hugged me back.  The me 7 years before would have never 

let anyone, specially boys into her life due to her walls being closed.

She had trust issues and was emotionally abused by someone whom she liked 

that dirtied her childhood. I left my old self behind and went to a whole new 

school, with new friends and all new people. Sadly, I attempted to try to be 

someone whom I wasn't and I was bullied once again by people who I thought were 

my friends. The darkness crept into my heart once again and I spent freshman year going 

through hell and a mental hospital. Sophomore year I had new friends, started taking medication 

for my depression and mood, as well as finding my future career.  I'm an anti social person 

who has a hard time conveying herself due to having speech disorder called stuttering. I've encountered barriers for 

years due to that. Having this disorder prevented me from ever having the courage to speak in class, raising my hand in fear others would ask me

questions, fears of being laughed at and the anxiety started to build up as the years passed by. Nobody understand how much I wanted to speak and

express myself but, this disorder was such a hardship that it just enveloped me. Until, I discovered the career of teaching and seeing how joyful an

experience it was to me. Being a student teacher in a preschool, no one laughed at me whenever I tried to speak or express my words, I heard no

whispers as I taught lessons, nothing. As my stuttering slowly started to fade I stopped being fearful of speaking and my social life has improved for

the better. The career of teaching has taught me that even having a disability you can still be a profound educator as long as you be a champion

towards your students. We should all understand that no one is perfect but, we can make the best out of our imperfections.

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