Without Filters

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 10:32 -- rockam


I am loud without warning

I am goofy without restraint

I hurt without laughs

I am rude, blunt and murderous without a filter in my mouth

I am playful without the reminder of adulthood

I don't like the rules of life, so I break them at every oppurtunity 

I don't comply with what others say

without the filters of life I am not black and white

I am blind to obscurities, to mistakes

I don't need all these necessaties, or wishful thinking

without filters I stand alone, I am alone

unless someone decides that a filter for their life won't do it. 

i dress, talk and laugh without thinking. 

filters i do not have, for anything

they would make my life easier, but it wouldn't be half as fun

without filters I have made friends and lost friends and i have told nothing but what i think

without filters my opinions, flaws and truth are known

I refuse to hide behind societys filters

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