Within Thine Eyes

The light in thine eyes, reflect that of the sea

Lost-- Beautiful -- Uncomparable to any lesser of thee

Yet--gentle there, gently be... a sad look downcats you

A tugging sensation that envelops they heart, taking your eyes too.

To lay down? Nay, By such is that lowly and unfitting,

To that of you whose veins course the oceans whilst

      knitting together fabrications and illusions, that none but you can see--

To lay down? Damn that all! Tis more chains than freed.

You...are a being of such love, that of such promise,

But filthy creatures patronize your mind, leading you to compromise

Fear you not, Nay! The greatest you shall recieve

If by my brow, done by my hand, I will do nothing but relieve--

You are fair, you ARE kind, and that to you alone

Just as the kindly sea, hitting wave against mortar stone

To love...what is it? What meaning doth it hold.

Stay here not--be grounded--it is not bought nor sold.

It...is not a thing that one can simply grasp,

Mysterious among all, but from all can outlast

The ripling tides of aminosity--

The changing woes with such diversity...

Inside my own, all my capability, it is thrown down to weep,

And grasp what little Love permits me to keep--

Righteousness, Arrogance, how cowardly the two pair...

And how often is it that they drive love into toil and despair?

Nay... Nay, not for you, I dare not believe it...

Yet such beauty and such tenderness is thrown down to the pit,

A pit of darkness, the testing seal of Hell--

A place of mockery and of every peace dispelled...

Toil...and ruin...and tears of agony...

I pray--I Pray, thou never see, Gods help me

Nay to pain, Nay to bitterness,

Let thine lips tatse only purity and sweetness--

For if I had to, and this I would

Throw down myself, for your better good

I am your Steadfast, though for love a different setting,

Embrace you I shall, whlist your mind is dismissing

Dream...Heavenly being dream blissfully,

Dreams of figment and lush peaceful valleys,

Dream into endless adventures, the valient hero,

Dream of past heartache, but hold it towards its own mirror

Let it not encompass you, but instead

Find a better existance than just dread

Dream of kin and neighborly souls beyond you,

Remember their hearts, let them see yours too--

Dream of honest dealings, and wants of being brave,

Dream of these, and let naught a nightmare stray here,

As I will not tarry and let the monsters' eyes sear

Yet though...you may as though not think of me...

This is the difference of desire and reality....

I am just a one face within your mind's crowd

I know you hear me, but your ears forget its sound--

I will watch, and you just glide in life by,

I will comfort, may anything cause thou to cry,

A defender...? More than that am I

Humble though, just out of sight of those eyes,

Yes...those eys, they will always know...

Though your mind will forget what it is they show...

The light in thine eyes... its all I do see,

For a shadow am I like, your light is what I am to be--

A mask to hide your shame, your reason to be defined,

Stay in bliss as you walk life And I will defend

Nary but less than a step behind.


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