The Witch-Maker's Evolution


Unreliable, and unforgivable, your actions seem to be,

For once you find the entry gate, a fee you must pay to me.

Your future is not bright I fear for your life will soon end,

But fear not ye for I have seen that you shall be born again.

Tomorrow your heart will turn to ash, your soul will turn to dust,

And in that evening’s time today, your skin will turn and rust.

Your unreliable, unforgivable actions seem to see,

That time will tell you and me what you’re going to be.

Soon enough you will see a glowing blue ocean,

Go to it and it shall spill your true entire devotion.

Once you turn to the glow my friend you shall be in his hand,

And then I see that he shall turn you into a granule of sand.

Once your transformation’s complete, you’ll come right back here.

And then you’ll give me my payment so I don’t hurt you my dear.

I am sad to say that sand is not your ending transformation,

But you’ll know when the time is right to give about your donation.

If you want to be a human again, all you do is ask.

But the fee I fear is greater than the task.

So your transformation will be different I know.

But you do believe in evolution right? Yeah I thought so.

So once you undergo your change you will see soon again,

 That when you don’t believe in the creation of life you will loose your head.


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