Wish I Said Something Earlier


United States
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Never had to talk and never wanted to talk
Had any problems, kept them to myself
Problems with myself, the surrounding, our world, key and lock
But I can’t handle this and no one else will tell

That for some reason the mind set of our nation
Seems to have lost hold on the current situations
And each of us are letting this slip by
Giving little care and letting our ideas die
We need to form and build on new motivation
But it seems like no one is really listening
For those who want to voice their mind
Only few have given them their time
I want to stop everyone and have them confined
So that their attention can be redirected
From their televisions and iphones
To the small voices that never seem to leave home

I see you all with your slipping eyelids
Thinking such change can’t come from just kids
Old, young, straight, gay, black, yellow, white
To have actionable change, we need a change of mind

And I have this powerful sensation
That makes me want to move a nation
But inside me grows this fear
That people just won’t care
That they’ll ridicule me
That they’ll think they’re funny
Like no one in this world should understand me

But those funny boys don’t realize I’m hurting
All I need is a hand to say, “Hey, I’m listening.”
Are you listening?
Are you listening?
Do I finally have your attention?


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