Wisdom In The Eyes of One Who Was Blind

Tue, 11/26/2019 - 14:29 -- fid6

I am here, I am here, but where is here?

I remember a blue blurr cutting infront of my sights.

A phantom perhaps or is it me losing my mind.

I panic as I attempt to reverse time.

Time stops, and so does my life.

The world around me, running slowly by, so clear.

This metal frame surrounding me, heads towards an end,

A rail of sorts seems to be heading my way with no bend.

Smack, Crash, the wrath of the Earth I feel,

The sound of thunder and lightning filling my ears as I rest in fear.

I come to and see the scars that are left, my hard work now gone for this is whats left.

Accidents happen they say, to everyone it is true.

Here I thought it would never happen to me, well it could happen to you too.

The whisper of knowledge comes to my ear, 

I wish to share the apple of knowledge with you.

It says live life in the moment and not in the past, 

Don't hold the future so close, but enjoy the gift of time...make it last.

See your dreams and reach for the stars.

Touch the lives of all who are.

For life is to short to not enjoy and to regret.

I see who I am now as light enters the vacant cave of my heart.

Filling this once lost body with passion so bright it reaches so far.

I do everything now with passion and sight.

I was once blind...but now I see the light.

See the light I beg of you and know you are loved.

Live the life you have...for the end no one knows of.

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